Corporate Clients: What are the steps to organize a course?


We meet you online or in person to identify your company's specific needs and the goals you would like course participants to achieve. We determine group size and basic course structure together - then we do the rest!

What All on Board does for you.

Placement Check:

Next, All on Board conducts an online Placement Check with all participants. This check gives an insight into the participants' current ability with the target language as well as ensuring that groups are comprised of participants with a similar level of proficiency in the language.

Needs Analysis:

All on Board conducts a needs analysis with the participants to find out their specific needs.

Training Plan:

Based on your company’s needs and demands, All on Board identifies learning goals and develops a corresponding training plan. The course begins.

Initial Feedback:

We conduct an initial feedback session after eight lesson hours. As appropriate, All on Board will enact changes to the training plan to address points that emerge from the initial feedback and ensure participants reach their learning goals.

Observed Lessons:

One way All on Board ensures the quality of the training it provides is by observing lessons. Our director of training then meets with the trainer to offer feedback and suggestions as well as discuss professional development opportunities to support the trainer's professional growth.


We make online attendance lists and progress reports available to representatives of your company so you always have immediate access to information on participants' attendance and progress.


We issue an Attendance Certificate for course members who attend a minimum of 70% of a step. Once they have completed a level, they receive a Level Completion Certificate.

Course Evaluation:

We ask participants to provide feedback on their course at the end of each step (36 teaching units) by means of a Course Evaluation. Results of this evaluation are then used as a basis for planning the next round of language training.

Post-CourseEvaluation & Extension:

We meet with you again near the end of the course to review the feedback from participants and trainers, and answer your questions. We use the results of the consultation to plan the next step of the course as well as identify new learning goals and communication priorities for further training.

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