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Workshops offered by All on Board :

Our workshops and seminars for small groups of up to 12 participants are customized to the specific needs and circumstances of the participants and include a pre-workshop consultation and needs assessment. Workshops and seminars range from a half day to three days, depending on the topic and the goals of the participants.


A 1- or 2-day workshop that mixes insights from research in business and psychology with practical methods to provide tools to prevent and redirect conflicts in the workplace. Participants will work actively with partners and in small groups to apply the methods and perspectives to past and current communication challenges.


Can ChatGPT do all of your writing for you? Not quite. This workshop prepares participants to be effective written communicators in their target language by identifying the impact of language choices in common professional documents such as emails, reports and evaluations. You will gain confidence using different levels of formality and learn practical tips to tailor your writing style to different audiences.


Conquer your fear of speaking on the phone in a foreign language! Learn to start a call, explain the reason for the call, leave & take messages, end a call, and much more through authentic listening activities, simulated calls, and real calls with native speakers.


Which special expressions and phrases are essential for business appointments? What behavior is appropriate? These questions and others are addressed through extensive simulations and role-plays taking cultural differences into account.


Learn typical presentation styles, special vocabulary and the structured outline of presentations in English by means of many practical examples.


A workshop designed with those new to Germany in mind. Participants will learn and practice the vocabulary and phrases that are essential for day-to-day life in Germany. Perfect to help your new hires settle in.


This workshop is designed for participants who communicate regularly in a second language and who want to improve their ability to understand the accents and frequently used expressions of their conversation partners. Each specially designed workshop presents strategies and practices techniques to improve listening in connection with authentic conversations and video clips featuring the targeted accents.


Contact us for a consultation about the language and communication challenges at your company and All on Board will create a workshop tailored for your needs.

Course times and place – Learn where and when you want!

All on Board will work with you to create a schedule that works for your organization and can best achieve your goals.

Course Times & Frequency:

We will advise you to develop a schedule to achieve your goals, determining the optimal length of appointments, how often and how long the course will run and what time and day fits the availability of the participants.

Online or in person:

Training provided by All on Board can take place wherever best fits your needs. All our courses and workshops can be delivered online or in person at your office.

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We offer training in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many more.


„The course was perfect for me. Our trainer selected and taught the material in a way that allowed me to get the most out of it and to improve my English.“

Course participant from Deutsche Welle